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My Top 10 Videos For 2013

My Top 10 Videos For 2013


1) The Worcester Music Festival Snippets 2013

I put this together especially with the Worcester Music Festival organisers in mind, as well as trying to capture the great music, it’s skill, artistry and fun, it was important to try and capture the energy and enthusiasm of the fundraisers and bring it together in one video, it also acted as a prompt to go to the brilliant full length performances as well:

2) Caravan Palace: Brotherswing

This Paris based act absolutely blew the crowd away at the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham with their high energy and infectious set, they’ve since completed a massively successful tour of the USA since then with their electro-swing, it’s virtually impossible not to get absorbed into this!

3) Baby Godzilla Live At The Marrs Bar

Just wow! I didn’t expect to say that after watching a thrash metal band! An incredibly difficult act to film as they were all over the venue and frequently in darkness, once completed it felt like I’d made a documentary as opposed to a music video…this is performance art of the highest and most entertaining order

4) I Just Want To Make Love To You: Gwyn Ashton, Chris Lee & Vince Neads

A half a dozen people in the audience in a small pub in Bewdley and yet these three guitarists of the highest calibre just let loose and have great fun on the Muddy Waters classic and they were enjoying every minute of it…blues never felt so joyous!

5) On The Record with Nick J Townsend Pt2

A spoken word, documentary piece into a top 10 of the year? Well this was special to me, local metal legend Nick J Townsend opens up about his childhood depression in his own unique way and tells his story beautifully, it took no editing at all, Nick just went off in full flow, the only thing for me to do was to make sure he didn’t mind this going public…in typical style he said “if it helps anybody out there then just do it!”

6) David Onions: WIP (Work In Progress)

I was filming in a small, tight studio in Pershore for BBC Introducing, now that is usually difficult for filming but when David Onions produced this outstanding virtuoso piece it made the film come alive being so close to such brilliance!

7) Sam Ruane & This Wicked Tongue: Sail

One of those time where I had my camera and I thought my work was done when This Wicked Tongue and Sam Ruane launched into this brilliant track, this very tight band were keeping an impeccable groove while Sam did his stuff, rapping in the wrong hands can sound terrible but in Sam’s hands it was just magnificent…sheer class!

8) Dubvocaliza: Universal Love

Fabulous live act that graced our county, Dubvocaliza were up from London to join in the festivities at the Worcester Music Festival, not only were they a blisteringly good live act, they were a class act off the stage as well, supporting every act on before them and chatting to everyone after as well…universal love…living it…loving it!

9) 142 Snippets #1

I had so many lovely artists help me out on a crazy idea for an art project to bring the gentler side of acoustic music from Worcestershire to You Tube, it was difficult to pick one track, with so many wonderful performances, so it was just as well I made a compilation!

10) The Dublin Jacks: Add Me

I heard this song for the first time here and the lyrics and humour was brilliant and every time I’m on Facebook I want to sing the chorus, the very tough looking guy ‘doing his dance’ is brilliant and the verse that I absolutely love goes something like this “There’s a picture of me in me Nazi uniform, doing a trick with an egg, I’d like to perform, at the monster truck rally, me and Ray attend, would you like to add me as your friend?….NO!”


Review Of Grim Reaper by Six Foot Under

Review Of Grim Reaper by Six Foot Under

Welcome, I will attempt to be your guide to the dark world inhabitated by Six Foot Under, I will put musical signposts up along the way as you may need them to find your way back.

This story begins with the character you would normally encounter at your end and that is The Grim Reaper, it has an insistent bass driven beat and eerie vocals from the front man Jeremy Holtom but also some unsettling drifting female and childlike vocals, well you didn’t expect the Reaper to be a pleasant meeter and greeter did you.

Next up we get a Frankie Goes To Hollywood spoken section over an eighties electronica beat, remember this first sign post for The Way It Is, it exhorts an awakening for those who accept their lot in life, the backing vocals are surprisingly soulful, good to know someone has a soul in this place.

The Swamp is not going to lift your spirits, a battle to escape from dark forces with a Tangerine Dream soundtrack theme underscoring the narration and wailing.

Your next flag is Dr John as we meet the Voodoo Man, another narrated track over a slow dark funk groove, the backing vocals are very authentic and contribute much to the overall ambience of this.

Out Of The Chaos has a Dave Brock late period Hawkwind electronic groove, if it were the business of the future to be dangerous then let’s hope the Brave New World really does arise out of the chaos.

Like many of the best horrors children can add to the sinister nature of a scene, here they are inviting me to The Feast but I’m convinced I wouldn’t be enamoured with the company I would be sharing my supper with, there’s some excellent work on the drums here more of a jazz feel as opposed to the usual rock work you’d normally expect .

After The Party brings a nice change of instrumentation with some excellent saxophone playing over the electronica, the theme of personal change is a constant developing strain in this album.

Requiem For The World is a largely atmospheric piece with a Krautrock or even KLF feel, the female spoken word section actually creates some light on this generally dark journey, a nice change of pace toward the end with some nice piano in the background as well.

A mournful sax introduces The Bermuda Triangle a place of disorientation and loss, where are those signposts when you need them, we are in the realm of The Cosmic Jokers here.

And so here we are nearly at the end of the journey and we are Into The Dark and we are willing to enter, you didn’t expect a happy ever after did you, the only comfort you have in this realm is that you are not alone, there are a lot of people who are in the dark with you.

If this were a vinyl LP the final, bonus, track would play in a loop on the run out groove, ‘we are people not sheep-le’ well if I’ve been your shepherd and guided you through this album, well I’m walking away, you are people…and people…you are on your own…make your own way back…I’m sure they would approve!

Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events of 2011

Jim’s Favourite Gigs/Events of 2011


On my travels this year I’ve probably seen another 200+ acts and if I wrote about all of them I could, quoting Laurie Anderson “write a book, that would be thick enough, to stun an ox”

These are the most memorable ones that I have pulled from my notes from the past year

Weak 13: You Don’t Love Me (Video Shoot), Base Studio 26/2/11

This was such a fun day out, the professionalism of the band and film crew was a joy to behold, I really don’t think people realise what a brilliant organiser Nick J Townsend is, every single extra was made to feel so important, he was clear in his direction of the shoot all day and every individual that left was thanked by Nick, warmly.

Nick always aims high and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he got there….top man!

4oz Of Groove, Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton 4/3/11

Funny, you hear a lot of funk-lite on the radio etc but I see very few bands performing it on the local circuit, I think this band are from Wolverhampton and they are very skilful musically but the undoubted star of the group is the lead singer who has a velvet soul voice and oozes charisma.

Mothers Jam, Adam & Eve, Birmingham 13/4/11

There are some dominant genres of music around the Midlands so it’s always nice to come across something completely different, I’m a sucker for a bit of avant garde and this is duo delivers a lovely, gentle slice of it.

Unusually they are a clarinet and keyboard duo, with lovely observational lyrics from what they see from their riverboat or some seemingly out of context covers, if I had to compare their sound to anyone it would probably be Robert Wyatt though I would like to think that their name has some connection to the Mothers Of Invention.

The Me! Me! Me’s?, Marrs Bar, Worcester

If you were there that night you would know why I picked this, a great punk band with a lot of stage presence and they seemed to love every minute of what they were doing. I think every song was no longer than two minutes but they won over a largely blues based crowd who are used to extended solos, no mean little feat.

Ronin, Café Bliss, Worcester 12/6/11

Excellent set on this afternoon at Café Bliss, it was supposed to be outside but the heavens opened so we were all in a cosy little space together. I haven’t heard the rockier version of Ronin but the acoustic set certainly showed some strong song writing and musicianship, to me they sounded like Argus era Wishbone Ash.

The front man Kit looked great as the archetypal rock singer, all hair and leathers but the band need to join in on the image front as well, nothing drastic but enough to make it look like they in on the act as well.

Babble, Vines Park, Droitwich 3/7/11

Babble acoustic is interesting but to get them at their best you have to get them on a night like this, with a big stage, great lighting and superb sound courtesy of Ryan Tolley.

With these ingredients in place they truly come alive with Rob Williams sparkling guitar playing and Karen Langley doing an excellent job on vocals. I love their version of I Walk On Guilded Splinters

Lady Nade, Swan Inn, Great Malvern 10/7/11

Visiting Great Malvern from Bristol, Lady Nade blew away the audience on this beautiful late summer evening. Absolutely charming stage presence and had a wonderfully warm soul/jazz voice.

The song writing is exquisite and here is one lady that would not be out of place on Later with Jools Holland, the song Kiss This Troubled Mind was instantly brilliant.

Matt Woosey, Swan Inn, Great Malvern 10/7/11

I hadn’t seen Matt Woosey for a long time but this set was better than ever and he’s always had a big reputation on the local blues scene. I doubt if there is anyone who works and gigs harder than Matt.

On show tonight was some fantastic musicianship, great storytelling blues and I have no reservation in describing Matt as a class act, whether you think you like blues or not, go and see him the next chance you get, you will not be disappointed.

Evilwitch, Marrs Bar, Worcester 23/7/11

Evilwitch were one of the acts to see in and around Worcester this year, energetic, well structured songs and often with a big, hook laden chorus made their stage shows very enjoyable, you can’t listen to the controversial Rose McCain without that chorus buzzing around your head for days afterwards.

From a stage presence point of view, the whole band have a lot of charisma and are supremely confident, can they take over the neighbouring towns and cities like they have with Worcester?…if they want to, they could do it!

Redbook, Marrs Bar, Worcester 23/7/11

There’s a lot of talent here with Sam coming up with some great keyboard lines and Gareth has a great range on vocals. They are definitely stronger as a band than as a duo as it’s difficult to translate prog structured songs to an acoustic level.

On this evening they were on very good form amidst a very strong line up tonight, with songs like Wanted and Bad News being the highlights for me.

I still think they need to take a more original direction as their influences are to close to fandom, when they are listening to Muse they write like them and then the next band they like they go in that direction for instance Lady Gaga worshipped Queen, hence her name but her own songs bear no relation to this.

They’ve got something, just needs a direction that reflects themselves more.

This Wicked Tongue, Marrs Bar, Worcester 23/7/11

There was a terrific line up at this packed night at the Marrs Bar and This Wicked Tongue were on top form.

Tina V is rapidly growing in confidence as a front woman and the band are very professional and tight. On this night the audience were loving every minute of their set and it was a night of stage invasions and they earned theirs as well.

They’ve made a big impression in the last year on their quest for wider recognition and from my neutral ears they just need to find the killer song to gain entry to the next level, with the talent in this band I wouldn’t bet against them finding it

Robinson, Marrs Bar, Worcester, 30/7/11

Another emotion charged and packed night at the Marrs Bar saw Robinson and his band on top form. Robinson is an extremely strong song writer, writing coherent stories from start to finish which is a very elusive and sort after skill.

What I will not overlook here is the strength of a fabulous band behind him, all of them with a really strong pedigree as artists in their own right, a singer would give their right arm to get talent like this to get his songs so brilliantly across to the audience

The Roving Crows, Marrs Bar, Worcester 16/9/11

I caught half a set at Vines Park earlier in the year, so I was really looking forward to this full set and I wasn’t disappointed.

Paul O’Neill is a brilliant front man who works very hard to make sure every one in the audience leaves their gig having had a bloody good time.

Celtic folk/rock fusion is not my normal listening matter but the outstanding playing is just impossible to resist, Caitlin Barrett is mesmerising on fiddle and sets the whole gig alight.

Coming soon to a town near you?…you bet, they tour extensively having just completed a tour of Ireland I’m sure they’ll be back in Worcester again soon and when they do I urge you to go and see them.

Howard James Kenny, The Public, West Bromwich 9/10/11

I’d heard a lot about Howard James Kenny so I was delighted to finally catch up with him, there are very few truly ambient acts around and doing something different to everyone else will always get the thumbs up from me.

I’d imagine some of the noisier venues this may not work but here with the state of the art sound system at The Public and a very respectful audience this was a beautiful set, with tasteful effects and a super chilled vibe.

My Favourite Songs From Local Acts

My Favourite Songs From Local Acts


My Favourite Songs From Local Acts

In my travels I get to see hundreds of acts doing loads of new and original songs from the Worcester area and sometimes a little further afield.

I did this about a year ago but now I’m feeling the need to show my appreciation for yet more excellent music and song writing.

So here are my personal favourites from the past year or so!

1) All My Faith: Laura Thompson

Laura always writes songs to a very high standard and this track represents her skills, lovely melody and very catchy chorus, it’s always a good sign when you believe a song is written from the heart, I haven’t got a copy of my own but I’m told her album is well worth a listen, produced by the excellent Dave Draper if I’m not mistaken.

2) Existential Blues: The Shambollix

It’s not really a cover as it has been reworked so much from top to bottom that all that’s left is pure Craigus and Ed Steelefox. Ed takes the lead role here and his storytelling and sense of comic timing is brilliant, probably a glorious one off recorded in Paul Jeffrey’s back garden for his birthday. If you need cheering up and have hippy tendencies then this is for you.

3) You’re Gonna Need My Loving: Babajack

Moody, atmospheric blues song that has a very strong melody, Babajack always perform to a very high standard and this is my favourite from a deep repertoire of songs they have. Quality musicianship all round.

4) Fall Into Me: Emma McGann

Takes something for a song to cut straight through on first listen, lovely light guitar work and excellent yearning vocals, love the lilting chorus, Emma is based in Coventry and helps a lot of musicians there with her open mic nights at the Phoenix.

5) Orphans Of The Empire: Dandelion Killers

DLK are at their best when they aim for the big sweeping sounds, for a rock band they come up with some fabulous pop hooks, listen to this and see why this was chosen as the title track of their latest album.

6) Bad News: Redbook

Quite a brave song for me as on the surface it’s repetitive and unremittingly gloomy but it works for me. very unusual Sparks-like line up of keyboard and vocal duo. It sweeps along, building in power all the time, every time I have an off day the refrain of ‘more bad news’ becomes a catchphrase in my mind, try it and see what I mean!

7) Coming Back: SJS

On a number of my picks it’s the strong chorus that hits me and this is no exception, a young rock three piece from Kidderminster, I think. These guys have a big future if they are already writing songs as strong as this.

8) It Happened Again: Rich Clarke & The Rafters

There are a couple of tracks from the same night at the Marrs Bar here, sometimes you just hit gold on some nights! This is a lovely song, downbeat, mellow and beautifully played. I particularly liked the opening build up with the gentle work on the cymbals.

9) The Simpsons Are On at Six: Tina V

This track seems to have been everywhere this year whether with Ancient Addicts, This Wicked Tongue or the solo version on the link here. Strong songwriting, very listenable and a brilliant title, you don’t forget that in a hurry.

10) Tunnel Vision: Naked Remedy

I heard the hype, who didn’t? I have to say that when I finally saw them I wasn’t disappointed, great musicianship all and charismatic to boot. This song builds slowly, great shimmering guitar sound but boy it rocks out when it needs to, great band.


Favourite Songs From Hereford & Worcester Local Acts 2009

Favourite Songs From Hereford & Worcester Local Acts  2009

I have heard 100’s of of songs that I had never heard before and I would like to recognise those that really made an impression on me.

Some of the artists here I have no connection with at all and others I got to know later.

1) Quiver (extrasimianmix): The Retinal Circus

A work of genius with a cast of Worcestershire’s finest playing on it and beautifully produced to boot!

Starts with a kind of fairground folk groove and drifts to sci fi and finally to a psychedelic freak out.

Try imagining this coming up on the closing credits to Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes, this shouldn’t be a local hit it should be an inter-galactic one!

2) Footsteps: Fellfield

Fellfield sets were always a dreamy mellow affair and this is the one song that brings this together perfectly.

Lovely production work again, this songs builds gently with an instantly catchy chorus and some gorgeous treated guitar parts, deserves wider attention and such a shame one of my favourite Worcester acts have folded.

3) Strange Rain: Matt Woosey & the Strange Rain

Not many folk songs drift into 8 minute territory and then leave you wanting more but this is an exceptional song and really does come across as a labour of love.

To my ears it borders on to the acid folk genre and it’s that sense of other worldliness that I find so appealing.

4) John Wayne: Dandelion Killers

So catchy it’s unbelievable and the chorus does have that Western movie vibe in the middle of a heavy power pop framework, quite a trick to pull that off.

The Dandelion Killers seem to write songs with memorable hooks with ease and are a very tight live act, a killer combination indeed.

5) Cinnamon Flavour: Crazy Mobo’s

I don’t know where exactly this band comes from or even if they have a my space but they have a really unusual set up and sound.

They have a very light but punchy funk sound, look like frat boys and 3 singers, one with a very high pitched voice who looks like he’s just left the Walker Brothers.

Cinnamon Flavour is the most infectious song I’ve heard this year and I challenge you not to get it after just a couple of minutes in.

6) Hangover Blues: Flo Rowland

An excellent piece of story telling wrapped up in some very down and dirty folk blues, first you get caught up in the story and you can’t help but always want to finish the chorus off for her.

Play it and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

7) The End: Mudball

A real driving rock song from a very tight band, I particularly like the drumming on this one especially the apocalyptic closing section, this song along with others by Mudball are always crowd pleasers but this is my favourite.

BadAss Romantic: Scarlet Carmina

Good old fashioned hard rocking metal that is pulling in a younger audience again.

This track rocks along with some excellent Guns ‘N Roses type guitar and bass riffing and Albie throwing himself into the vocals.

They have a strong image on stage, a very engaging front man and they look like they are having a great time and it really makes for an enjoyable gig, could be one to watch this lot!

9) Never Tell A Woman: The Abbot Of Unreason

I like the little flourishes on a recording and the fake vinyl sound does it for me here, you feel like you’ve unearthed a treasured blues 78 and then you launch into a track that wouldn’t be out of place on Led Zep 3.

Lovely chiming guitar sound throughout, now all I need is a Cadillac on the freeway and I’d be away.

10) Navajo: The Players

This songs lulls you into a false sense of security as it chugs along at the start and then breaks down into a red Indian (Don’t care if that’s not PC!) hoe down and finally descending into a brilliant runaway train section at the end.

beatsandlocalmusic Pt2: April 09 to Nov 09

beatsandlocalmusic Pt2: April 09 to Nov 09

The Llama Lounge Saturday 18 April 2009.


I’d seen Fellfield/Sam Eden on a number of occasions by now but tonight they were a 5 piece band and were already on excellent form when they did a brilliant cover of ‘Hurt’

Lots of bands have a number of people singing at the same time but tonight on the soaring section of the song there were some true harmonies in there with Si and Sam blending perfectly, this was one of those magical musical moments.

In true Commitments like story line they go and do a poorly organized event on Saturday 16 May at the Marrs Bar where the previous bands just seem to play as long as they want to, therefore the acts before over run leaving the lights and sound to be pulled halfway through the Fellfield set and the band splits afterwards amid acrimony and to this day they have not reformed…love Footsteps by the way!

Cripplegate Park Minifest, Saturday 27 June 2009

Lewis Spelt Backwards

This really shouldn’t have been a natural audience for Lewis as his material is usually very adult orientated and this was a younger teenage audience enjoying a day in the park.

However his humour and personality soon won them over and there was a memorable scene at the end when with the loops running he is running around the audience and then go-go dancing on a tree stump, very funny and very entertaining!

The Bigge Venue, Redditch, Thursday 02 July 2009

Absolute Ataxia

In the summer of 2009 there was one (only one!) truly hot summer’s day and this was it and Absolute Ataxia were on fire!

This was a slow burner of a set but the groove and momentum were irresistible and the guitar work for me was at times outstanding and by the end of the first few songs you couldn’t help but get carried along by this first rate rock outfit.

The Marrs Bar, Saturday 18 July 2009.

Damo Suzuki, Dudes Of Neptune, Narcoleptic Penguin.

I went to this gig not expecting miracles as I’d already been told that the legendary Can front man would not be playing any Can songs, so no ‘Mother Sky’ or ‘Oh Yeah’ then and that he would instead be doing an improvised jam with some invited Worcester musicians, so it all pointed to a potential hit or miss affair.

So Damo starts singing or more like channeling something from another cosmic plane and the Dudes Of Neptune take his lead and soon start to pick out an impeccable groove, then it really starts to lift off with some fantastic drumming from Ed Steelefox who truly looks possessed by now and the music is really flying now but new people join in and it just gets better and better.

First Johnj does some lovely electric violin work over the top of this and he is quickly joined by Craigus on Theremin (the most cosmic instrument ever invented), a kids ray gun and even more bizarrely a FURBY, yes that talking toy from the nineties and it works! By now we are in in Psych territory with some lovely work from the Dudes and Damo is giving it everything but there is more!By this point the jam is probably half an hour in and the Narcoleptic Penguins (If Carlsberg were naming a band this is what they’d be called!) and their ranks of percussionists line up in front of the stage and take the music to a higher level still, they are beating their instruments to within an inch of their lives but not in anger but in joy with beaming smiles and laughter.

After about an hour it is over, the Shaman that was Damo is now a mere mortal, drained and dripping and he gives each of the band a heartfelt hug and he must be thinking that this was a great gig and the audience are still cheering.

AsI leave the venue into the pleasant summer evening air I am still buzzing and 3 words keep going through my mind as I am trying to come to terms on what I had just witnessed…Outstanding…Inspired…Joyous…..

The Marrs Bar, Saturday 22 August 2009

AWWBLOT, The Donns

Why is it that nearly all the best bands I have seen this year have split, my theory is that they know they should have made it but the frustration of today’s music industry saps the life from them. I had not seen or knew anything about these acts tonight we were just taking in lots of gigs as part of the Worcester Music festival.

Both these acts put on a helluva show and the audience reaction was fantastic and I was particularly struck with the energy of Heather Wilson.

These were the last performances from both these bands so farewell and good luck with your new ventures…..

The Marrs Bar, Friday 18 September 2009

Crazy Mobo’s Nomad 67, The Atats

A memorial gig to celebrate the life of Alessio Adorissio who died in a car crash earlier this year and there was a fantastic line up for this gig but these three acts really won me over on this evening.

The Crazy Mobo’s are one of the most original acts I have seen with 3 singers, a very funky sound and an incredibly catchy tune ‘Cinnamon Flavour’(?), Nomad 67 did a couple of great covers with fantastic energy and aggression while the Atats did a storming set of some very catchy Britpop originals, overall a very high quality evening of music.

Worcester Arts Workshop, Saturday 17 October 2009, Glamour Llama Lounge.

Scarlet Carmina

After a very enjoyable evening of great music, Scarlet Carmina rocked the crowd with a real rock show with Albie doing Axl Rose type poses and proving himself to be a top quality front man when working the crowd and some fine guitar licks from Tommy C and a good time was had by all especially the College kids in the mosh pit!


beatsandlocalmusic Oct 08 to Mar 09

beatsandlocalmusic Oct 08 to Mar 09

There is no other motivation for including these items other than at the time these acts either moved my heart, my feet or grabbed my undivided attention!….

Llama Lounge Saturday 20 December 2008

Si Anthony/Death

It was freezing at the Angel Centre but the place had a nice vibe and like a lot of things I’d already seen on the local circuit to date the acts were pretty good but then Si Anthony starts inviting people in the audience to come and sing on ‘Rage Against The Machine’ when up steps up a guy who was introduced as ‘Death’ and they proceed to deliver an absolutely jaw dropping performance with Death magnificent and Si throwing all sorts of rock star shapes on an acoustic guitar.

As an add on I was buying Grace on vinyl at Cheltenham’s Badlands shop and was chatting with the cool guy behind the counter when I mentioned that I had heard this great RATM track but I didn’t know what it was when he became very animated and said he was a huge fan and could I describe it…so bizarrely I informed him that it had lots of Fuck Yous and a big Motherfucker at the end and he whispered knowingly “Killing In the Name” so I bought it for a bargain £4.99 and it’s gone straight into my ipod’s favourites!…thanks dude!

The Sutton Arms, Thursday January 29 2009

Matt Woosey and the Strange Rain (James!)

When we finally found this place it turned out to be the most odd gig we would do. There was nobody there at all, we helped Matt bring in his equipment into this freezing pub, no landlord, no-one even said hello or asked us what we were doing there!

At one point a door opened and a man came in, went behind the bar (there wasn’t even any bar staff!) and we thought we had an audience..but no he had come to collect some sandwiches for the Crib Team in the other bar!

However, this was gig No 1 in Matts much publicised 100 gigs in 100 days tour so we sat miles away from the stage (well there was a small radiator there!) and watched Matt/James deliver a hugely impressive set capped by a brilliant, epic song called ‘Strange Rain’ and without asking at the end he gave a copy of his EP to Becky which I am now “looking after” for her!

11:47 Club, The Cellar Bar Tuesday 3 February 2009

The Shambollix: The Insurance Sell Out Mega Medley

Loads of great acts on really good form on this night, Si Anthony, Dog Antler Alarm, Blue Radio, JohnJ and Fellfield but they were topped for me by a very strange band to me at this point called the Shambollix.

Craigus, who we got to know much better later seemed to have a beef about Iggy Pop doing a car insurance advert and the group then did one long selection of ads past and present and they had the audience in the palm of their hand, at turns nostalgic and sometimes very funny indeed it was a great way to end a brilliant evening of entertainment.

Llama Lounge, Saturday 21 March 2009

We Do Kung Fu

At first it was a lovely chilled evening at the Llama Lounge until it was electrified by a brilliant band over from Hereford (I think) called We Do Kung Fu, the sound was poor, you couldn’t hear what they were singing about but Boy were they fantastic fun with the lead male vocalist strutting in front of the stage and the female vocalist bouncing about on the stage both them and the band giving it everything they possibly could in tremendous hi energy…I loved ‘em!

Cellar Bar, Tuesday 7 April 2009

The Shambollix: The Children’s Mega Medley.

OK, I have to give them another mention purely because they matched their previous entry with this delightfully funny and almost sentimental Kids Medley and the audience were sitting crossed legged at the front for it…I truly thought that Worcester was some weird but beautiful cult at this point.